It’s no secret that the Santa Ynez Valley has some of the best wineries and tasting rooms in the country. While some travel to the central coast to play Santa Ynez golf courses and stay in some of the best hotels in Santa Ynez, it’s the world-class wine that keeps bringing people back year after year. The Santa Ynez Valley is made up of a number of small towns, such as Santa Ynez, Buellton, Ballard and Solvang — which with their own charm and features that locals and visitors love.

In this post, we’re going to focus on Los Olivos wineries and tasting rooms, which are some of the best and most popular.

Zinke Winery


Zinke Wine Company specializes in handcrafted single vineyard Rhone varietal wines sourced from the Grand Crus of California and Central Coast.  With passion, love, and authenticity, Michael Zinke believes in small lot, whole cluster fermentations to create the perfect oak balanced fine wines.  You won’t find addictives, or unnecessary colorings in Zinke wine.  Michael Zinke stays true to the fruit and land during the wine process. The only thing you will find added into a bottle of Zinke is excellent wine!  The tasting room is quaint with an at home feel and a personable knowledgeable staff to enhance your wine tasting experience. This is truly one of our favorite Los Olivos wineries.  Making it one of the best Los Olivos wineries in Santa Ynez Valley.  

2366 Alamo Pintado Ave, Los Olivos, Ca  93441
Phone: 805-691-9718

Evan’s Ranch

The Evan’s Ranch vineyards are located just 10 miles off the Pacific Coast creating the perfect cool classic varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. Evan’s Ranch is known for their exclusive world class wines. Las Brisas Chardonnay, Caitlin’s La Marina Chardonnay, Morgan’s Las Brisas Pinot Noir, Lone Oak Pinot Noir, Las Brisas Syrah, and Lone Oak Syrah can only be found exclusively in three locations, at Evan’s Ranch Vineyard, Evan’s Ranch Tasting Room in Los Olivos or Gainey’s tasting room. If you are looking for truly world class wines these six Evan’s Ranch wines are incredibly special and in limited production. This is one of our favorite Los Olivos wine tasting rooms and also, one of our favorite Santa Ynez Valley Vineyards to visit. 

2901 Grand Avenue, Los Olivos, Ca 93441
Phone: 888-424-6398

Saarloos and Sons

 Saarloos and Sons Wine Tasting

Wine tasting and cupcake pairing anyone?  Saarloos and Sons features exceptional wines and collaborates with Enjoy Cupcakes to make your experience even more enjoyable! Friendly environment and spacious front lawn for everyone to relax after a day of tastings, food, shopping, and art galleries.  Why not treat yourself to one more tasting and end with a delicious dessert as well? Saarloos and Sons tasting room even has a photo booth inside so you can take back the memories, in addition to a few bottles of wine.  This makes our list as one of the best wineries in Los Olivos. 


2971 Grand Avenue Los Olivos, Ca 93441



Coquelicot Tasting Room

Coquelicot is the french word for poppy.  As you will see, the beautiful orange colored flowers adorn the labels on their gorgeous bottles of wine. This Los Olivos wine tasting room has a patio out back with a bocce ball court and plenty of room to sit out on the spacious tables with a picnic and shared bottle of Coquelicot wine with friends and family. The wine is also CCFO Organic Certified, using only the best and purest of ingredients. The Coquelicot vineyard is also available for wine tasting in Santa Ynez, on their beautiful estate setting. This makes our list as one of the best wineries in Los Olivos. 


2884 Grand Avenue Los Olivos, Ca 93441


Andrew Murray 

Andrew Murray Vineyards Tasting Room

With a passion for Rhone varieties and many accolades including “Taste Maker of the Year” by Food and Wine Magazine, Andrew Murray has established himself as one of the premier wine makers in Santa Ynez. For Syrah and Viognier enthusiasts in particular, this would be a must stop along your wine tasting journey! Andrew Murray not only has a vineyard for tasting but there is an Andrew Murray wine tasting room in Los Olivos. This makes our list as one of the best wineries in Los Olivos. 


2901-A Grand Avenue Los Olivos, Ca 93441


Foxen Vineyard and Winery

Foxen 7200 Tasting Room

True Santa Ynez locals will always know it as “The Shack”  because it kind of was one, only with the most amazing wines you will ever taste!  Driving along Foxen Canyon Road in the 90’s it was easy to pass by without a thought, unless you knew.  If you knew, you parked along the side of the dirt road and crossed over to the charming little shack with friendly staff and a quaint standing bar to taste the most exceptional wines. Now, the so-called “Shack” has been totally renovated and renamed the 7200 along with a new solar powered tasting room just down the road. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Loire, and Italian Varieties are what Foxen Vineyards is known for.  This makes our list as one of the best wineries in the Los Olivos area. 


7600 Foxen Canyon Road Santa Maria, Ca 93454


Firestone Vineyard

Firestone Vineyard

You may remember the famed Firestone family and in particular Adam Firestone himself from the ever so popular reality TV show The Bachelor.  One of the first stops along the Foxen Canyon winery road is Firestone Vineyard and it is a must stop. Their winery is unique in that it offers a very large range of varieties from Malbecs, Cabernet Franc to Chardonnays.  There is a little something for everyone no matter what your palette may be. This makes our list as one of the best wineries in the Los Olivos area. 

Bonus Tip: The Firestone Walker Brewery tasting and tap room is located in Buellton just a small drive away! So if beer is on your mind, you may stray in their direction. 


Firestone Vineyard
1517 Zaca Station Road Los Olivos, Ca 93441

Firestone Walker Brewery
620 McMurray Road Buellton, Ca 93427


The Bubble Shack

The Bubble Shack

Sparkling wine anyone?  This delightful tasting room is no shack! The Bubble Shack in Los Olivos features bottles of Fesstivity, Sibling Bubberly, and Epiphany cans of bubbly goodness. A collaboration by Parker siblings Eli Parker and Ashley Parker Snider, this is a fun festive experience in the heart of Los Olivos. Fess Parker dominates in terms of premier lodging with The Fess Parker Wine Country Inn, premier dining at Nella Kitchen (an extension by the chefs at S.Y. Kitchen), beautiful vineyards and wines at Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard, and for sparkling wine enthusiasts, The Bubble Shack in Los Olivos. This makes our list as one of the best wineries in Los Olivos. 


2970 Grand Avenue Los Olivos, Ca 93441